About Me

About Me

Pianist, composer, born in 1972 in Siracusa. He graduated at the Conservatory of Music “Luigi Cherubini” in Firenze with highest honors; he also earned a Master’s Degree in Afro-American Music with a thesis based on “Modern Jazz Quartet”. He studied privately with M° Stefano Battaglia, with whom he also attended to the master classes in Jazz music at the foundation “Siena Jazz”.

September 2015, released by “JAZZIT RECORD”, his new album “A Journey With A Small Red Car” is now available with the jazz magazine “JAZZIT”.

Antonio’s new album, “A Journey With A Small Red Car”, it was presented in the US in two concerts and two radio broadcasts last September; during the stay in the US, he has also held two master classes at the prestigious Washington University and New York University.

In October 2014 he has completed the recording sessions of two projects, coming out in 2015, wich will be published by “Headache Production”.

In May 2014 he performed a solo piano concert, music by Duke Ellington, at the Sinopoli hall, “Auditorium Parco della Musica”, Rome.

In September 2013 he performed a series of concerts in the United States , presenting his fifth album “Space Between” produced by ” Headache Production”. “Space Between” was presented for the first time at “Casa del Jazz” in Rome in June 2013.

In 2012 he completed “UKITUSA”, international recording project, with the participation of musicians from three different countries (Italy,United Kingdom,United States) , produced by “Schema Rearward” and distribuited worldwide by “Family Affair”.

Being a great lover of Brazilian popular music Antonio was invited to give a live concert  from the Studios of Radio 1 Rai during the radio show ” Brasil” playing a tribute to the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim; as well, in January 2012 he presented the album “Ukitusa”, which contains a song dedicated to Brazil , and in particular to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2010 , produced by “Schema Rearward” and distribuited worldwide by “Family Affair”, he presented at the “Casa del Jazz” in Rome his album” Strong Place New York trio , recorded at the “Two System Two” Studios in Brooklyn, New York City  with Vicente Archer on bass and Kendrick Scott on drums.

Respectively in January (Jazz Festival “Solo”) and November 2009 (Roma Jazz Festival) he performed two solo piano concerts at the “Auditorium Parco della Musica”, Rome; at the same venue he played again in October 2010 in duet with the british singer Cleveland Watkiss  for the Festival “Dialogo”.

Between 2003 and 2013 he lectured at Washington University in St. Louis (USA).

Between 2003 and 2005 he has often performed in the United States presenting the second album ” Cyclo ” .

In the year 2000 he moved to Paris. In the same period he made his first discografic work “Zazy”, with a Quartet; the project is inspired by a Claude Monet painting.

His amazing music feeling has seen him perform with many diverse artists from around the world like: Cleveland Watkiss , Shane Forbes , Pietro Ciancaglini , Rosario Giuliani, Lucrezio de Seta , Jean Philippe Morel, Francesco Puglisi, Marco Valeri, Marco Siniscalco, Luca Pirozzi, William Lenihan , Evan Parker, Paul Lytton , Barry Guy , Tom Kennedy , Vicente Archer, Kendrick Scott, Freddie Washington, Matt Renzi, Steve Davis , Tommy Crane , Eric Markowitz , Dave Stone , Paula Morelenbaum , Bungaro , Lorenzo Feliciati , Neney Santos, Gianluca Petrella , Ettore Fioravanti, Aldo Vigorito , Roy Paci , Marco Panascia , Riccardo Onori , Fabio Accardi, Michele Salgarello, Milko Ambrogini , Alberto Amato, Carlo Cattano , Francesco Branciamore , Massimo Pinca , Fausto Alimeni , Mirko Mariottini , Michele Ascolese, Dave Pietro …