Learn How to Play Domino QQ Online

What is a domino game?

Domino is a game of numbers and tiles. There are different numbers of tiles in a particular domino set. It depends on what domino sets you would like to play. Here’s a little guide to that.ou

  • The double-six has 28 tiles with 168 dots
  • The double nine has 55 tiles with 495 dots
  • The double twelve has 91 tiles with 1092 dots
  • The double fifteen has 136 tiles with 2040 dots
  • The double eighteen has 190 tiles with 3420

You can select from which number of tiles you will use to play the game. Dominos has its game rules, so you need to abide by its rules.

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How to play domino?

The game starts with one tile that has the highest double number. Note that only the tiles that have double numbers will be placed on the table first. After placing the first tile at the judi domino indonesia table, the next player will continue. To continue, the player will place a tile that has a side containing a similar number of dots with the one placed on the table. The same sides are placed or aligned together.

The game progress as each player takes turns, placing the tiles on the table. The player that has no particular tile to match the tiles on the table will be locked. This means the player loses its turn until the next one comes in. The player who ultimately placed all the tiles he had on the table will be the domino or the automatic winner. The total number equivalent of the remaining tiles of the opponent will be added together and will become the winner’s points.

The game domino actually varies from one country to another. Therefore, the rules and scoring may have a slight change. But if you are playing online, familiarise their online regulations and how their point system works.